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The most popular Caribbean Destination for an active vacation, the Cayman Islands is a dream holiday destination for many. It has been a coveted getaway for both immobile and adventurous travelers. The beautiful barrier reefs have lured many divers into their arms and the charming beaches have been calling out all sunset party fanatics. Honeymooners can enjoy a romantic hike through the 200 year old Mastic Trail. Parents take their children for some adventurous swims in Stingray City. Whatever you choose to unwind and wherever you come from, the Cayman Islands Tours will cater to all your wishes.

The islands are an archipelago of three islands to the south of Cuba. The largest one of these, Grand Cayman is perfect for people who want to spend time with others and make it a party or the peace seekers who want to stay away from this crowd. The wide array of resorts will give you options that perfectly suit your liking.

Tourist Attractions in Grand Cayman

  • Seven Mile Beach - Lauded as one of the Caribbean's Best beaches, this beach is a sight to delight! The crescent shaped shore and the coral sand will woo all your worries away. The most popular resorts of the Grand Cayman are located on the shores of the Seven Mile Beach as well.
  • Mastic Trail - A treat for every nature lover, this 200-year-old trail takes you through the majestic path of a native mangrove swamp. As you walk through the 2 million year old forests you can see the colorful and rare flora and fauna. You can also take tours in Grand Cayman to explore the place in the best way possible.
  • Stingray City - This city is basically a shallow sandbar that allows you to interact and feed southern stingrays that live there. You can explore this place on a snorkeling trip, a scuba trip for using a glass bottom boat. Submarine Night Dive Bookings can also be made to explore this region.

Stingray City, Grand Cayman Stingray City, Grand Cayman
  • Eden Rock and Devil’s Grotto - Located towards the south of seven mile beach are two of the most popular diving locations in Grand Cayman. They are wonderful underwater mazes which can be an interesting experience for both beginner and intermediate snorkelers. The mazes are filled with silversides, parrotfish, tarpon and barracuda. You can also checkout tours in Grand Cayman available online to explore this region the best way possible.
  • Cayman Turtle Farm - Columbus had found so many turtles on the Cayman Islands that he named it Las Tortugas. But now, the population of turtles has been endangered. The farm is working to support the living Green Turtle population of that area. This place can be explored easily using Cayman Islands SeaWorld Observatory Tour.
  • Cayman Islands Submarine Dive - Being in Cayman Islands, you cannot afford to miss the experience of the underwater ride in Cayman Island Submarines. This submarine ride takes you down to the depth of 100 feet and helps you explore exotic marine life and coral reefs. These submarines have spacious air-conditioned cabins that add even more excitement to your journey beneath the sea.

We hope this article has given you a list of what to do in Cayman and organize your Cayman Tours. Also don’t forget to include the Submarine Night Dive Bookings and Cayman Islands SeaWorld Observatory Tour in your list of things to do!