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A family vacation in the Cayman Islands is a fun notion that delivers on all fronts. From the crystal clear waters to a variety of marine life, the Cayman Islands surely is one of the best destinations in the world.


Wondering what to do in Grand Cayman?


With so many things for you to enjoy, we cannot list them all. Here are a few highlights:

Get Up Close and Personal with Marine Life

You will have the opportunity to interact with stingrays, starfish, turtles and dolphins on your vacation in the Cayman Islands.

One of the favourite tourist attractions in Grand Cayman is Stingray City. It’s a unique place where kids can easily stand in shallow ocean water and mingle with the stingrays while a guide supervises. It is a safe way to admire and interact with these graceful creatures. Not far from Stingray City is Starfish Point, a small, lovely beach where many starfish come up on the beach or float in the clear, shallow water. Here you can see them up close without disturbing them.


Another popular attraction is Dolphin Discovery, where you and your kids can live the dream of kissing and hugging a dolphin, and also swim with them. The dolphins are trained to give visitors a 'dolphin ride'. Simply hold on to the dolphin's fin as it swims through the water.


At the Cayman Turtle Centre, your family will have the opportunity to wade in the turtle touch tank where yearlings swim, view a 9-foot trained crocodile in a saltwater lagoon, and swim in another lagoon with green sea turtles. You can also see nurse sharks, tarpon and barracuda and a variety of birds and butterflies. An adjoining playground features waterslides and other play structures.


Take a Submarine Tour of the Deep Sea

This exciting submarine tour takes you to a depth of 100 feet, offering a fish-eye view of the exquisite corals and exotic creatures.

For visitors who are on island during the week, on Thursday afternoons you can board a ferry at the Westin Casuarina Beach Resort on Seven Mile Beach, instead of driving to George Town. From there you can enjoy a cruise along the beach before you board the submarine.


For a totally different underwater experience, try the submarine night tour. You will get to see an explosion of colour in coral polyps and sponges and bioluminescent plankton. This kaleidoscope of colours can be seen only at night. No wonder it is one of most sought-after tours in Grand Cayman.


Relax on the Best Beaches

Seven Mile Beach in Grand Cayman is rated amongst the best beaches in the world. You can rent watercraft or paddle boards, go snorkeling or swimming, or just relax on the white sand as the turquoise water swirls beyond you. Your children will enjoy building sandcastles while you watch and photograph the brilliant orange sunset over the ocean.


Horseback Rides on the Beach

This is an activity that is enjoyed by kids of all ages. They can spend the morning riding a horse along the beach. If you permit, your kids can also go into the sea on horseback because the horses will start swimming. It is a thrilling experience that they will treasure for a lifetime.


Take your family to the Cayman Islands and discover all that the territory has to offer. You and your children will enjoy experiences beyond the beach as you visit some of the historic, scenic and cultural attractions the islands have to offer. There are quite a few museums and tropical gardens that your whole family will enjoy, all part of a wonderful holiday that everyone will long remember.