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Today, the seas beckon many a traveller, and if you are heading to the Caribbean, the Cayman Islands are definitely an alluring destination that befits a visit from every island and sea-loving tourist. As a tourist or visitor, there are many ways of exploring the underwater world in the Cayman Islands. Activities in Cayman Islands include scuba diving, snuba diving, and snorkelling. You get to discover some of the most amazing and rare marine life including exotic marine animals and wonderful marine plant life that are found only in this part of the world. Besides, there are many other water-based activities for families and kids in Cayman.

Cayman Water Based Activities

However, many of the Cayman tours have been designed for those who know swimming and are confident and comfortable exploring the sea. Nevertheless, you can explore the seas via various safe and convenient alternatives such as helmet diving, going aboard a sea observatory, taking a glass bottom boat ride, or even take a submarine ride as part of a night dive in the Cayman Islands.



A Helmet Dive A Helmet Dive


Helmet Diving

If you want to explore helmet diving, it is an ideal experience for swimmers and non-swimmers alike. You need to be eight years or older. You need not worry since you will wear a specially designed helmet as you trek the ocean surface. Your hair will not get wet and you can even wear your prescription glasses. There is also no need to worry about the water in Cayman being cold as the weather here is tropical and the water remains clear and warm all the year round! In addition, there is no need for any specialized training.


SeaWorld Observatory


A SeaWorld Observatory
A SeaWorld Observatory


Alternatively, you can hop aboard a sea world observatory that will take you for tours of the shallow reefs that exist around Grand Cayman. You can simply descend into the observatory and watch the reefs in air-conditioned comfort five feet below the surface of the water. Through the SeaWorld observatory, you also get to see various forms of marine life and amazing shipwrecks, such as the Cali, which ran aground in 1944 and the Balboa, a 375-foot freighter that sank in a hurricane in 1932. You can also view the Cheeseburger Reef where a diver enters the water and feeds the various species of the fish right in front of the viewers’ windows.


Glass Bottomed Boat Ride


A Typical Glass Bottomed Boat A Typical Glass Bottomed Boat


Another option is to take a glass boat ride and view the fantastic views below right from your boat. Keep your cameras ready for you will need to take pictures of the fantastic marine life that you will see.

Submarine Ride

Finally, you can even take a submarine ride to depths of 100 feet where you can see even more rare and amazing forms of sea life. You can also ask the submarine company to arrange a family submarine tour special for you. It is easy to catch a glimpse of fascinating sponges and fans and even the electric ray and Yellow Stingray. You can also spot Lionfish and on lucky occasions – the giant lobster, along with other fish such as Barracuda, Trigger Fish, Hog Fish and Snapper.



Submarine Ride off Grand Cayman Submarine Ride off Grand Cayman


A nighttime submarine ride is even more enchanting as you come across more fascinating views. The colours of the sea become more vibrant and come alive in the bright beam of the submarine. Much activity awaits you during your visit to the Cayman Islands. Enjoy!