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If you truly want to explore the seas around the Cayman Islands, the best way to do this is to opt for a night dive that gives you a wonderful chance to look at the brilliant world of ocean inhabitants beneath the waves.


Amongst the many activities in Cayman, a night dive perhaps provides the most awesome experience. For those who have not dived a night before, it’s a truly spectacular. A night dive in Cayman Islands reveals the sea in its true colours. When darkness comes, the ocean inhabitants display a completely different behaviour.


The fun and excitement only gets higher when you spot marine animals like turtles, octopus, hunting snake eels, lobsters, yellow stingrays, zooplankton, and others in a completely different and hugely colourful environment that remains largely hidden from human view.


In the sea around Cayman, you also get to view a unique phenomenon called bioluminescence, which is a truly magical treat to the eyes. So, if you want to witness the wonders of the sea at night, the best way forward is to choose a night dives that unravel the grandeur and majesty of the oceans to the viewer.

Guided Night Dive

With the help of blue lights and yellow visors during a guided night dive, you will be amazed to see the coral reefs take on fluorescent and luminescent colours such as greens, purples, and a myriad of other colours.


Night dives in Cayman are very easy with many dive sites within easy reach. Usually, the maximum depth at the sand bottom is around 60’ and the top of reef is around 25’. A guided night dive in Cayman is always at a sheltered site within a lagoon which is always calm and a surge or current is virtually non-existent. You are accompanied by an experienced dive instructor who acts as your guide. You are also provided the necessary dive equipment such as dive tank, light as well as weights.


A charming view of a coral reef at night A charming view of a coral reef at night


Buddy Team Night Dives

Many a times, dive operators allow you to dive along with a buddy in shallower waters instead of an instructor. Alternatively, you can group up with three to six people for a guided night dive.


Wreck Diving at Night

You can also choose to explore the wreck of the Kittiwake, a ship sunk on purpose to create an artificial marine park, in the dark to give you a more eerie feel. As you explore through the dark rooms under water, it’s kind of spooky as there’s no ambient light to show you the way except your flashlight. This fact makes exploring the Kittiwake at night one of the most fascinating aspects or your diving plans



Enchanting Star Coral Polyps Enchanting Star Coral Polyps


Submarine Night Dive

If you do not prefer to get wet but still want to enjoy the brilliance of the reefs, varied marine creatures, and the corals with their polyps opened, then the best way forward is to opt for a submarine night dive. As part of this trip, you board a real submarine that takes you to the depths of the sea where you can discover the majesty of underwater life and brace yourself up for a more sophisticated an intimate experience. Within a few minutes you are traveling underwater within a few feet of the submerged coral reef which reveals you grand never seen before sights. At the same time, the tour guide provides a commentary on the night time underwater world. However, children need to be at least four years old, and three feet tall to participate in this tour.


Other activities

Besides, Cayman offers you a host of other water based activities for tourists and visitors, which you can enjoy to your heart’s content. Choose one of these activities if night diving is not your cup of tea.


Ending thoughts

Certainly, there are many ways you can enjoy a night dive in the Cayman Islands. You can choose the option that best suits you. Go for the most elegant and sophisticated dive experience that helps you cherish your memories for a lifetime.