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If you are visiting the Cayman Islands shortly, then do not be surprised to know that this tiny destination packs in a lot of activities and entertainment that you as a tourist or a visitor can indulge in. Besides the usual terrestrial sites such as the famed Seven Mile Beach, Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park and upscale Camana Bay, you will discover that Cayman is all about underwater activities such as snorkelling, scuba diving, snuba, and helmet diving.


What if you cannot swim!

However, what should you do if you cannot swim, but still want to explore things underwater, especially the coral reef and other marine life? Well, since the sea around Cayman is mostly interesting under the water, if you cannot swim, there is no need to get worried. You can still involve yourself in plenty of action such as take a glass boat tour or utilize a semi-submersible to view the amazing marine life and the sights under the sea.



A Submarine Night Dive A Submarine Night Dive

Take a Submarine Ride

If you still want to explore the sea depths without getting wet, you can still do so! Simply take a real submarine ride down to the depths of the sea to view amazing sights! The submarines take passengers down to a maximum depth of 100 feet in air-conditioned comfort. You pass by breath-taking sights such as coral canyons and brilliant topical fish in the Cayman National Marine Park. You can even choose a night-time underwater excursion for an even grander adventure!


Enjoy Breath-taking marine sights!


A Yellow Stingray (courtesy: Wikipedia) A Yellow Stingray (courtesy: Wikipedia)


The marine life beneath the seas around Cayman is simply enchanting! Feel thrilled, as you will encounter some of the rarest marine species here. As part of the underwater attractions, you will come across the southern stingray, which is a very popular sight here in Cayman. In addition, you will occasionally come across the Electric Ray and the Yellow Stingray. Since the Cayman Islands are a plateau of an underwater mountain range, the drop off to the mysterious ocean floor is simply spectacular. Here, you will see some of the most fascinating sea sponges and fans.


Deeper Dives bring up Wondrous Sights!

A dive below 60 feet is simply filled with wondrous sights. At around 80 feet, you get to see the lionfish and if lucky, you can even see the giant lobster at these depths. While your submarine is at these depths, you can also see various fish such as Triggerfish, Hogfish, Snapper, Barracuda, and Garden eels. Some other marine species that you can see are Parrotfish, sea turtles, Grouper Angelfish, and others. Submarine night dives in the Cayman Islands are also popular since the colours of the sea are more vibrant in the lights of the submarine.


A Sea Turtle at the Cayman Turtle Farm A Sea Turtle at the Cayman Turtle Farm


Other Sights

At around 100 feet off Georgetown, you come across several fantastic coral reefs and deeper dives can reveal Caribbean reef sharks if you are lucky enough. Nurse Sharks typically surround shallower reefs while sand bottoms are home to eagle rays, squirrelfish and colourful wrasses. Off Seven Mile Beach you might also come across the shipwreck USS Kittiwake, which was purposely sunk a few years ago to create an artificial reef. Underwater mountains such as the Ghost Mountains are also a delight to see.


You don't need to know how to swim if you want to view the sea underwater around Cayman! Taking a submarine ride is the best option for non-swimmers! Enjoy and all the best!