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A visit to Cayman Islands is incomplete without getting a glimpse of its enchanting marine life! You will be thrilled to encounter some of the world's rarest species when you go underwater. The marine life in the seabed is simply stunning here. A submarine night or day dive is one of the best ways to explore Cayman's underwater beauty.


Take a look at some spectacular things you will come across here.


Piscean life - Cayman waters boast some of the most pristine sea creatures. The Southern Stingray happens to be one of the most popular underwater attractions. Then, there is also the Electric Ray and Yellow Stingray that have managed to capture attention.


The drop off to the ocean floor is simply amazing as you see some of the most fascinating sea worms including fans and sponges. A night dive is particularly amazing! When you go over 100 feet deep, you come across abundant sea life you have never seen.


Going to a depth of about 112 feet, you might come across lionfish and if you are lucky enough, you will also meet the giant lobster.



  • Trigger fish
  • Barracuda
  • Hog Fish
  • Snapper
  • Garden eels
  • Grouper angel fish
  • Parrotfish
  • Sea turtles
  • The night dives are particularly more beautiful as the colors of the sea are more vibrant.



  • Reef - If you have never put your head in the water, it is worth taking a submarine dive to experience the beautiful coral reefs in Cayman's waters. Diving about 115 feet down in Georgetown, you will encounter some breath-taking coral reefs. If you dive deeper, you might come across Caribbean Reef Sharks depending on your luck! Shallow reefs often have Nurse Sharks surrounding them. Sand bottoms are also said to be home to eagle rays, squirrelfish and colorful wrasses.
  • Shipwrecks - You might also come across a shipwreck depending on the depth and site. USS Kittiwake sank off Seven Mile Beach about 3 years back and is an excellent site to explore if you are in Grand Cayman. It has already started accumulating a good amount of marine life.
  • Ghost Mountain - If you happen to take the submarine dive at Grand Cayman, Ghost Mountain is a popular wall site in the north shore. Deep down at 110 feet, it is a lone bluish pinnacle with concentrated color and seems like a mass of gorgonians. It's kind of a cavern.
  • If you are planning out a holiday to Cayman Islands, the Underwater Excursion, should be on you must-see list. The submarine dive is simply fabulous, especially, for those who are not scuba divers or snorkelers but still want to have a view of Cayman's magnificent marine life.