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Cayman Islands


The Cayman Islands, or the Caymans as tourists sometimes call them, are composed of three small islands in the Caribbean. Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac, and Little Cayman lie in close proximity to each other, approximately 200 miles south of the Island of Cuba, and 200 miles west of the Island of Jamaica.
It's geographical location is favorable for both cruise and air travel tourism. For cruise tourism, Grand Cayman is a popular stop for cruise itinerary to the Western Caribbean.    Air travel is a quick One and a half hour flight, 450 miles due sout


The Islands continue to be a British Overseas Dependant Territory, (Colony), and the dominant language is English.


While the Cayman Islands do have their own currency, the Cayman Islands Dollar, it is backed by or pegged to the US Dollar, and both currencies are readily accepted and legal tender throughout the islands. 

Public holidays

In the Cayman, Islands, about a dozen traditional and Christian holidays are observed.  Most establishments will open for tourists on most of the Public Holidays, except Christmas day and Good Friday. On these two days, while the airlines still operate, cruise ships are not granted landing permission. 


While the head of the Government is appointed by Britain, the local laws and regulations are determined in a Democratic manner by a locally elected Parliament. 


The Cayman Islands are historically a British Colony, which has seen explosive growth in the past 30 years. The indigenous population growth was simply unable to supply the labor for this. In 2009 the population estimate was about 60,000, of which more that 25,000 are expatriate workers, in ALL fields of work. The cultural result is quite interesting, and often difficult to describe. Suffice it to say, that the Islands still remain, and in fact boast in their promotion material as being one of the best and safest places in the world to raise a family.

Things to do (of Course atlantis submarines)

With such a diverse resident population and a vibrant tourist industry there are many popular shore excursions for both cruise and stay over tourist as well as many activities for residents. Gambling is Illegal in the Cayman Islands.


The weather is typical Caribbean. Hot and humid in the summer (85 to 95 degrees F) and near perfect in the winter, (70 to 80 degrees F) 

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