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We all love nightlife. This is something we may miss when we go for a vacation at a warm, peaceful Island. While there are plenty of activities to do during the daytime, there are not many choices for activities during the night. And if you have to do the same night activity that you do in the place you live, it is not much fun. Is there an activity you can do in the night in the Grand Cayman, which is both unique and memorable ?


Well there is one night activity that you can do in the Cayman Islands which tops the list of the tourist attractions in the Grand Cayman. It is the night diving in the Grand Cayman in a real Submarine. This activity provides you with the opportunity to be in the depth of the sea safely and comfortably during the night.


In the science lab we had done an experiment to separate different constituents of the chlorophyll extracted from spinach. Out out these, Chlorophyll a has a dark green colour. When we see it under Ultraviolet(UV) light the color changes to red. Although we all knew what was to be expected, the excitement of seeing it happen was unprecedented in all the members of the group.


Imagine at the bottom of the sea in the Cayman Islands, you are in a submarine which is specially fitted with large glass windows to allow you to get a good look at the sea life. Different lightings are then used including plain white and UV and you see colour of actual Coral, Sponges, Fishes and other sea plants and animals changing. No matter how many times have you seen this in the video or photographs, seeing it live from a submarine is definitely special. You get full look of the night life of the magnificent marine life around Cayman from the comfort of your seat in the submarine, without exerting much and in the company of your younger beloved ones. You will actually find marine life dancing in a rhythm. After all if life has originated in sea, then why not dance?


This underwater discotheque has many performers trying to grab your attention. Some do not move, only change color in different light, Others move in slow motion so you barely notice their movement. Still others move so fast it is difficult to set your eyes on them. But there are plenty of balanced performers as well.


There are many tours in Grand Cayman, ranging from scuba diving to full Island sightseeing, but this night dive is among the best Grand Cayman Islands activities. If you do not take this tour, your visit to Grand Cayman is incomplete. The time you spend in this tour will be among the most memorable and exciting times in your life. Children will remember it for life as well. A memorable family night activity you will definitely take a folio or two of your autobiography.