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What do you fancy on a vacation to the Cayman Islands? Would you like shopping or simply enjoy the sheer beauty of the beaches here? Alternatively, would you like to explore the incredible natural scenery here or wade in the azure waters? Or, does the Cayman cuisine scene attract you? What about the bar and nightclub scene for a change?

Yes, many Cayman tours just include the terrestrial sights, but for an experience of a lifetime, make up your mind and head off to view nature’s most ultimate beauty hidden underwater by opting for a Cayman underwater excursion! There are many ways and means available for experiencing the underwater world around Cayman. You can choose from various options including scuba diving, snorkelling, wreck diving, helmet diving, and many others. You can even go for a submarine night dive in the Cayman Islands on a submarine and enjoy nature’s wonders after sunset.

The Cayman Islands - A Great Choice

But first, let us examine why the Cayman Islands are a great choice for underwater excursions. The sea around the islands is amazingly crystal clear and the ocean floor is easily visible in shallower waters. Besides, underwater visibility is usually great as you can see 18 -30 metres easily. Moreover, the waters are regularly warm as the average water temperature is between 26 and 28 degrees Fahrenheit year-round. Since the Cayman Islands have mild air temperatures of 21-27 degrees Fahrenheit year round, diving is good all year.

What's more, the waters around Cayman are home to many wonderful species of marine life. Besides sea turtles, you get to see marine animals like eagle rays, barracuda, moray eels and barracuda. At the same time, you also get to see lots of tropical fish like parrotfish, grunts, butterfly fish, angelfish, yellowtail snappers, and sergeant majors. You are also likely to encounter reef sharks and giant lobsters. Besides, the underwater scene includes extremely deep drop-offs, amazing coral reefs, and rare species of sponges that are found only in this part of the world.

View Amazing Underwater Sites

With over 365 dive sites in the Cayman, the islands offer a rare experience for the discerning underwater explorers. Some of the underwater sites are simply breath-taking. To begin with, visit the wreck of the Kittiwake, Grand Cayman. The Kittiwake is a former United States Navy Chanticleer-submarine rescue vessel that was decommissioned in 1994. She was decommissioned in 1994 and is best known for her recovery of the black box from the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster. She was finally sunk of Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman, in 2011 in Marine Park to form an artificial reef.

A Sting Ray at Stingray City, Grand Cayman (courtesy: Wikipedia)

At Stingray City, which is actually a sand bar off Grand Cayman, you can interact with hordes of friendly stingrays that surround you in anticipation of being fed squid, their favourite snack. Babylon in Grand Cayman is a large pinnacle with a canyon that dissects the North Wall. At this amazing site, you will discover black coral bushes along with ample rope sponges. At Devil’s Grotto and Eden Rock, Grand Cayman, you can discover majestic coral formations along with several vast schools of silversides and massive tarpon. Ghost Mountain is another fascinating location in the depths of the sea around Grand Cayman. Its lone bluish pinnacle and concentrated colours are really worth a treat for your eyes.

Coral Formations at a dive site in Grand Cayman

Cayman Brac and Little Cayman

In Little Cayman, the Blood Bay Wall and the Three Fathom Wall offer breath-taking views and thrilling adventure. In Cayman Brac, visit the Captain Keith Tibbetts which was purposely sunk in 1996. This former Russian Frigate is now home to many varieties of marine life and many colourful sponges. The Wilderness Wall in Cayman Brac is yet another dramatic natural wonder that includes abundant sponges, healthy corals, and plenty of marine life.

Choose Alternative Ways

Scuba diving is one of the most popular methods chosen to explore many Cayman underwater sites. Nevertheless, other options are also possible. You can take a glass bottom boat tour and view many exotic and amazing species of marine life. If you want to experience something more thrilling, you can choose helmet diving for an underwater walk of the sea floor. Alternatively, take a family submarine tour special for an exciting underwater tour of the sea. You can choose either a submarine night or day dive to explore the underwater beauty around Cayman; however, submarine night dive bookings are just perfect to enjoy some of the rarest species of vibrant underwater life.

A SeaWorld Observatory off Grand Cayman

Lastly, if you are unwary of taking a plunge into the sea aboard a submarine, you can even choose a sea world observatory, a semi-submersible vehicle that does not submerge and dive. It is designed and built specifically for viewing shallow reefs. You can easily book a Cayman Islands SeaWorld observatory family package and view the seas by descending into the observatory and enter a wall-to-wall glass-viewing chamber that is five feet below the surface. You can easily gaze at the teeming shallow reefs as well as shipwrecks on the ocean floor.


In case you are planning a holiday out in the Cayman Islands, choose an option that will make you enjoy the location the most. In many ways, the submarine dive is simply fabulous and this is an easy and convenient option for those who are not scuba divers or snorkelers yet want to view the magnificent marine life around Cayman.