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Cruise Ship Guests

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We know that your time in port is limited and at atlantis adventures, we ensure that you make the best use of that time. Atlantis tours depart and return next to the cruise ship peir in the heart of the george town duty free shopping.  with an atlantis tour, you will have sufficient time to take another tour, browse the shopping area, or catch a drink or meal in one of the nearby waterfront restaurants and bars.

The cayman islands are renouned for their underwater life and marine parks, and atlantis will give you an underwater adventure without getting wet. on atlantis adventures, you are in air-conditioned cabins and can share your sights and experiences with other guests. at our ticket office we provide complimentary fiber optic wi-fi so you can immediately share your experiences on-line with friends and family on social media.

On the atlantis submarine day dive

You will experience the thrill of journeying to 100 feet beneath the surface in a real submarine in air-conditioned comfort without getting wet.  the large view ports allow you to see the amazing marine life and scenery. the route will take you to the edge of the famous cayman wall, where the seafloor plumets into the abyss. your professional tour guide will provide commentary through out your trip which will last one and a half hours, including 45 minutes inside the submarine.

On the seaworld observatory,

You sit 5 feet below the surface, while the vessel travels over the shallow reefs. you will pass coral reefs, shipwrecks, and be treated to a fish feeding show. your professional tour guide will provide commentary through out your trip which will last one hour.

On the atlantis submarine night dive

(Regretfully no cruise lines remain in port late enough to offer our night dive.)

We recommend booking all Shore Excursions with your cruise line if they do offer it on board or on-line.

There is a common myth that you can purchase all shore excursions less expensively by going direct to a local operator.   While there are usually some price variances, the price differential is not always better with the operator, particularly if you are choosing a reliable and professional operator.   In addition, you are on vacation, and there are numerous “peace of mind” reasons which will make your vacation more enjoyable if you book your shore excursions with your cruise lines:


Some cruise lines will allow you to access your reservation information, and modify your Shore Excursions on line while you may have to make overseas calls to do so if booked independently.

Hassle Free:

When your shore excursion is booked with your cruise line, there is a convenient course of action that you can follow if something does not go exactly as planned; should there be a weather delay or an unexpected change of itinerary, you can make amends on board.

All costs covered:

Ship to ship most shore excursions sold by your cruise line will have all transport and food costs included, unless specifically stated otherwise.

Best use of time in port:

International ports will observe various time zones, including following or NOT daylight savings time.  Cruise ships may choose or not to observe the time of their departure port, or that of the port of call.  When you book with your ship, you can be sure that you will be on time for the start of your tour, and more importantly, your tour will return before the ship leaves port.  In addition, you will be taken directly to your tour, and not have to wander around a strange port wasting your valuable port time.

Reliable and Reputable:

Yes, you have to take all of these into account, but we are happy to say that Atlantis Submarines operates in a number of ports of call and are offered on board all major cruise lines.

Atlantis Submarines in the Cayman Islands is offered by most cruise lines calling into the port of George Town, Grand cayman.  For your convenience we have provided below direct links to Shore Excursion pages for the cruise lines which offer our tours in Grand Cayman.  So simply have your cruise registration information handy and book with them on line and early.  If your cruise line is not listed it is because they do not offer that tour, in which case feel free to book directly with us.

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