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There’s a whole world of entertainment and Caribbean experiences to enjoy in the Cayman Islands after dark.

After a day of swimming and tanning on the beach or exploring the sights, it’s time to think about what to do after the sun goes down in the Cayman Islands.


Once the stars come out, everything changes – the sounds, the smells, the whole atmosphere. Locals and tourists looking for things to do in the Cayman Islands throng to the bars and clubs, the restaurants and the magical world under the sea, where the marine animals that stay hidden during the day come out at night to feed and go about their business.


A perfect evening could begin at a beachfront bar or restaurant with an outdoor terrace for preprandial drinks and snacks as the sun goes down. Sunset comes fast in the tropics. Depending on the season, sunset in the Cayman Islands happens between 6pm and 7pm and it’s over quite quickly. If you’re planning a sundowner and a meal in one of the popular beachfront restaurants, advance booking is recommended as this time of day is very busy.


George Town and Seven Mile Beach have bars, clubs, pubs, restaurants, and lounges catering to all tastes and budgets. Many have live music or karaoke or a DJ most nights of the week. If you find bars and clubs too noisy and frenetic, there are other options – from live theatre (George Town has three) to comedy and cabaret dinner shows, movies and nighttime cruises.


If you love the water and peace and serenity is your goal, away from the noise and lights of the entertainment districts, there are many things to do in the Cayman Islands on and under the waves. Experienced scuba divers and snorkelers come from all over the world to explore the local reefs on a night dive in Grand Cayman.


For a less intense experience, there are night and sunset tours by boat and helicopter, night fishing charters and bioluminescence kayak tours, where local tour operators guide small groups of kayakers through Bioluminescent Bay’s glowing microscopic organisms.


For the ultimate in relaxation and nighttime entertainment, there are submarine night tours organized by Cayman Islands Submarines. Diving Grand Cayman on a reef tour at night is totally different from a daytime excursion. While many fish active in the daytime go to sleep, the nocturnal creatures are wide awake and on the move.


The experience begins around sunset, with a short ferry ride to join the Atlantis Submarine. Once the hatches are closed, your night dive descent begins. When the pilot maneuvers to within six feet of the reef, the coral and the sponges on the reef display their vivid colors through the submarine's large viewing windows. The artificial lighting of the submarine highlights the bright reds and yellows of the marine world that are not visible during daylight.


Back on shore after the 50-minute dive, there is plenty of time to head into George town for dinner, dancing and entertainment.


Dressed up or dressed down, in a crowd or in blissful solitude, on land or in the water, there is something for everyone after dark in the Cayman Islands.