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Of all the islands in the western Caribbean, the Cayman Islands are known for having the best dive sites, abundance of marine life and friendly, knowledgeable hosts. Among the huge variety of things to do in Grand Cayman, the one that surpasses everything else is exploring the beautiful marine life that it rightly boasts about.

The clear turquoise water of the Caribbean Sea off the coast of Grand Cayman hosts abundant and diverse marine life. Popular with divers the world over, the sea around the Cayman Islands and its teeming marine life is also accessible to non-divers. You don’t even have to be a snorkeler to see the wonders below the surface. It’s possible to tour some of the popular shipwreck sites off the Cayman Islands in a glass bottom boat with Cayman Tours. Another option to see marine life is by venturing out in a safe Atlantis submarine. The spacious cabin of the 48-seat submarine is maintained at sea level pressure and is air conditioned for your comfort while you enjoy the sights below the water’s surface.

As you descend to a depth of 100 feet during your day tour on a submarine, your guide will entertain you with a description and entertaining narration. You will see colourful coral reefs, huge barrel sponges, snapper and grouper and even the occasional turtle or stingray as you enjoy one of the finest tours in Grand Cayman.

Night tours are also available, and the sights are something to behold. Tour lights create a glow through the water, and as you descend and approach the coral reef, you will see an astounding array of colours from the coral polyps and sponges on the reef, including reds and yellows that are not visible during the day. You will also see bioluminescent plankton when the sub shuts down it lights. To further enhance your experience, your tour guide will narrate and answer questions as you glide through the sea.

Whether you choose a day or night tour, glass bottom boat or submarine, these tours are among the top Grand Cayman activities. The tours are perfect for visitors and locals alike, including families with children (minimum age 4 and over 3 feet tall). Sign up to reserve a tour today!