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Caribbean Sea is a tropical sea and with a higher temperature and all the right conditions, the biodiversity of the sea is very high. This rich fauna of the tropical sea has some of the most beautiful species in it. Fishes, Corals, Octopus and many more. Let us meet a few exciting ones.

Meet the parrot fish, a fish of green colour which looks like a parrot. It also helps grow corals by eating the algae, and hence protecting the coral. It extracts algae from corals by it’s from its front teeth and then pulverize it by its grinding teeth. It can change its sex repeatedly, and its looks also. This “unpredictable” fish is definitely environment friendly.

Damselfish is a fish, which is a farmer. It creates farms by killing the corals by sucking the polyps till the coral dies. Dam selfish isn’t it? It then waits for algae to grow on the “dead coral” which is its farm. It is a small but very aggressive fish. It scares away parrot fish which is much larger than it to defend the algae that it has grown on its farm.

Meet the Graysbys which is a grouper. It feeds on Damselfish. In a Cayman Islands Submarine Excursion Tour, try to spot these creatures. They look beautiful, and help maintain the ecosystem.

Barracuda is a fish which looks and is ferocious. It has an extremely aggressive behavior. It resembles a snake and is large in size. If you are able to spot these creatures from the glass bottom boat, you will understand Why Seaworld Observatory Tour should top your to-do-things list in Cayman.

Hammer head shark is one of the unique sharks in the world. Sharks are predators evolved to perfection.

This Cuttlefish is related to the octopus and can change colour at will. They are also called the Chameleon of the sea.

The Chameleon of the Sea, Cuttle fish The Chameleon of the Sea, Cuttle fish

This Cayman Cleaning goby is not found anywhere else in the world. There are also two other species of Goby endemic to the Grand Cayman. Now you know why trying to locate rare sea creatures are regarded as one of the best Grand Cayman Islands activities.

Watch out for the different Turtles in the Cayman Sea. Sea turtles are big, look beautiful and have a long life span.

There are also many coloured fishes in the Cayman Sea. Like scorpion fish, large silvery tarpon, glittery silversides and beautiful French angelfish.

Watch them from comfort of the large window and try to identify them. There are stingrays, the most talked about creatures of the Islands. They are very friendly in this Island. You may be able to see Jelly fish here too. They look exotic. There are also several type or Octopus here. Like Octopus briareus (Caribbean Reef Octopus). Elegant and agile. The there is also common octopus, Octopus vulagaris, present in abundance here.

Corals are also animals. With an Island wide cover of 26%, these coral provide habitat and substrate to the biodiversity that we have in the Cayman Sea.

You will love to see all these fauna live and will be able to take photographs too. Do not forget to bring the best camera you have, need not be waterproof. Even if you do not have a camera, this beautiful fauna will remain in your your photographic memory for ever.