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Have you ever wondered about our Atlantis XI (eleven) submarine in Grand Cayman, what size is it or how it operates? If so, you are not alone, as we have had several inquiries from guests and we have decided to provide a few quick facts.


Since its start in Cayman in December 1985 through to December 2014, Atlantis Submarines International has performed 494,000 dives and taken 15,000,000 guests on undersea adventures at various locations world-wide , including Aruba, Barbados, Cozumel, Cayman, Guam, and Hawaii.


Here are a few quick facts about our primary vessel such as the Atlantis XI submarine which we operate in Grand Cayman.


The submarine at 65 feet and is one of the world largest passenger submarine


Submarines are nonpolluting, as they are electric powered.


The submarine is extremely high-tech in nature and the vessel is equipped with Air Condition, Pressure Controlled Cabin & Large 24 inch diameter windows for easy viewing of the reef.


The oxygen levels are always maintained properly as the submarine have a sophisticated central air conditioning and life support system


At a depth of between 80-100 feet, the dive takes you past numerous coral formations, coral canyons and brilliant tropical fish of Cayman's National Marine Park.


In Grand Cayman, Atlantis also operates the Seaworld Observatory, Semi-Submarine.


  • Semi-submarines are not real submarines, and do not submerge and dive
  • The SeaWorld Observatory is a 40 passenger Semi-Submarine, designed and built specifically for viewing of the shallow reefs
  • Guests simply descend into the observatory and enter a wall-to-wall glass-viewing chamber five feet below the surface, gazing at teeming shallow reefs and shipwrecks
  • Semi-subs provide passengers with a view of the ocean from large windows placed opposite seats located below the ocean surface
  • There are various tours offered including Day Time tours for both vessels & Night Time Tours on the Atlantis Submarine only.


Ever wondered what lays beneath the surface of the Cayman Islands waters? The most convenient way to find out is to take an underwater dive with Atlantis Submarine. Reserve your tour today. At Atlantis Submarines, you don't have to get wet!