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Atlantis Submarines Cayman takes adventurers 100 feet below the surface, with no breathing apparatus required.

The Cayman Islands has a global reputation for the quality of its recreational diving, but you don’t have to be a diver or snorkeler to explore its fish- and coral-filled depths. Atlantis Submarines Cayman takes adventurers 100 feet below the surface, with no breathing apparatus required, in one of the most popular activities in the Cayman Islands.


Experience the thrill of journeying beneath the sea in a Grand Cayman underwater tour in a real submarine. A technological marvel, the Atlantis XI Submarine was specifically designed for underwater sightseeing excursions. The spacious cabin seats 48 passengers in air-conditioned comfort and is maintained at sea level pressure (meaning no effect on your ears). The smooth ride and clarity of the water will amaze you as you explore Grand Cayman's underwater marine environment to depths of 100 feet.


At the helm of the submarine is a highly skilled pilot who, during the 45-minute dive, will reveal to you a panorama of breathtaking underwater vistas while your friendly co-pilot and guide explains what you are seeing and what to keep an eye open for. Huge barrel sponges and star corals abound the reef while colourful snappers and groupers, even the occasional stingray and turtle, may pass within a few feet of your large view-port. Your 90-minute day dive excursion conveniently begins and ends at the Cayman Islands Submarines dock.


A number of day tour excursions are available, depending on the day of the week. Most day tours depart between mid-morning and early afternoon. Guests check-in 20 minutes prior to tour departure time at the Adventure Centre next to the cruise ship tender pier in the heart of the duty-free shopping district, allowing ample time before or after the dive for restaurants, shopping, and sightseeing.


Grand Cayman is the only Caribbean island where you can take a night-time tour, making it high on the list of what to do in the Cayman Islands for many visitors. Every Monday and Wednesday evening as the sun goes down, Atlantis Submarines takes guests on a 45-minute dive to see all the ocean’s after-dark attractions, including silvery tarpon, which can be seen hunting for prey using the sub’s high-wattage lights.


Marine life is prolific around the Cayman Islands. There are countless types of reef fish, sharks, sea turtles, stingrays, eels, lobsters and shrimps in vast numbers. Many are active and visible during the day, but it is at night when they really come into their own. Under the surface of the western Caribbean Sea, a combination of underwater scenery and unique night time entertainment provides one of the most unforgettable Cayman tours.


To see it in all its glory, in comfort and in the dry, a submarine night dive in the Cayman Islands is the perfect magical evening activity. Tours last approximately 90 minutes, including the boat ride to and from the submarine, with around 45 minutes underwater.


Both day and night tours are very popular, so advance bookings are strongly recommended. For details and bookings call +1-(345)-949-7700. Book online at www.caymanislandssubmarines.com and receive a $5 discount on adult tickets.