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A submarine tour of Grand Cayman’s underwater provides a different view of the Caribbean Sea. Diving may not be appealing to many folks but they may want to see what Cayman’s underwater looks like. They may be intrigued with Grand Cayman marine life and seeking the thrill of watching sea life as they move in their natural habitat.

One of the best things to do in the Cayman Islands is to be under the water protected by the submarine while enjoying such a different type of entertainment. Many tourist attractions in the Cayman Islands include being on the water, whether it be fishing or snorkeling. However, snorkeling is quite limited as it is primarily looking top-down and fish that live in deeper parts of the sea are not visible from this vantage point. Those that can be seen are likely too far away to see all their details and colours. Further, diving is more risky, therefore opting to go down in the submarine is an excellent choice.

Grand Cayman activities for kids might include the museum, the Botanic Park, the caves in Bodden Town and the crystal caves in North Side or boating. Yet kids tend to much prefer the experience of going down underwater to view fish, crabs, conchs, turtles, and other sea creatures of all colours and sizes. It is as close to scuba diving but without getting wet. The indoor dive means kids are not soaking wet at the end of the experience and parents can go right along for lunch or dinner afterwards.

Enjoying Caribbean Sea from a Cayman Submarine Enjoying Caribbean Sea from a Cayman Submarine

Night tours on the submarine provide a completely different experience from the day tours. Adults and kids alike will enjoy watching octopus and squid that are usually not seen in the daylight. You might see octopus come out at night from their daytime slumber; they are attracted to the light. Some moving very slowly while others move rather quickly. You may be fortunate to see the large groupers into the shallower waters. Dogtooth Snapper is another fish that tend to cruise the deck. They are similar to a snapper but have larger teeth.

Visit some of the most popular sights underwater while guided by the pilot who helps to make you feel secure and safe in the large air-conditioned submarine. It is setup with ample size windows and cushion seats so you face outside easily and view the sea-life swim around the vessel.

The Submarine dives to 100 feet; this is deep enough to show you some of the most beautiful underwater sea life. Guests from the cruise ships often book tours on the submarine. Overnight guests have been known to book a day dive one day and a night dive on another occasion while some book two dives within the same date just to see what is different at night compared to a daytime dive.