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Family vacation at an Island? Why not! It is not really necessary to own a private island to get a feeling of being on a private island. Visiting Cayman Islands is the best way to feel like being on a beautiful- not overcrowded destination. It will be double the fun for the kids. Children love water, and with warm, clear ocean, Cayman Islands promise a memorable time for the kids.

There are plenty of family activities in the Cayman Islands. Running on the beaches, scuba diving and simply having some nice food at a seaside restaurant can be some fun Grand Cayman family activities. Diving- as we know- is not an activity for young kids. However, there is one activity which can be done by the whole family including children and elders. In fact, it is one of the best activities in the Cayman Islands.

Ever considered taking your kids in a submarine with large viewing windows? Watching marine creatures swim in clear waters of the Caribbean? Trying to identify the fish and marine life with your children? Or simply watching a sea turtles pass by?


It is one of the most popular and indeed breathtaking tourist attractions in Grand Cayman. In fact, it is regarded as one of the best activities to do in the Cayman Islands. This tour is sure to provide you with remarkable and long-lasting memories. Exploring the unknown is a trait which makes us unique to experiences that not everyone can have.

It is one of the safest under water adventures you can undertake. Probably a much better view of sea life is in offing without the hustle of wearing special costume, glasses and more. It is not a substitute to scuba diving, but perfect for people who like limited and safe adventures and of course kids.

Kids are Enjoying the Marine Life Kids are Enjoying the Marine Life

The excitement in the voice of Beeb in his first radio message from Bathysphere was not made up. You can feel the excitement when you take a submarine trip in the Cayman Islands.

If you have enough of roads, vehicles, traffic jams, and fast paced life of the city, here is your chance to do something totally different and relaxing. A change, you and your family will remember forever. An activity, you will be proud of. Pleasure of doing it with your whole family is priceless.

Take some time out, spend some quality time with your children. Engage your kids in a unique but safe adventure. Let them tell stories of this adventure to their friends. Wish you best of holidays!