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Hmm. That is akin to asking me whether I should gorge on a mint chocolate chip sundae or dig into a vanilla rainbow twist. Both are a slice of heaven on earth and deeply satisfying for the soul. So I would have to say, I’ll have both.

The same holds true for day and night submarine diving off the Cayman Islands. I would go for both. And so should you as part of your Cayman Island tours.

But I can understand you are on vacation, and may not have the time to enjoy all the fun things the Cayman Islands have to offer. So which one should you choose? Well, I leave that to your better judgment by telling you about the difference between day diving and night diving in a submarine.

Now, you must have heard a lot about the beauty of the sea around the Cayman Islands. That it is amazingly blue, clear as crystal, and a haven for some 500 varieties of fish and other types of aquatic life. You know what? It’s all true.

You can go scuba diving, or if you are a diver or not, traveling alone or with family, you can savor the ocean and its marine inhabitants by taking a submarine dive during the day or the night with Cayman Islands Submarines. It’s the ultimate awe-inspiring tour experience to have in the islands.


Cayman Islands Submarines Day Dive Cayman Islands Submarines Day Dive

Day dives ensure long visibility in clear turquoise waters and the vivid sea life seems to pop out in explosions of color. You can enjoy viewing the amazing coral growths, turtles, stingrays, groupers, sponges, and squids, just to name a few, as they pass by your view-port. Varieties include Giant Barrel Sponges, Southern Stingray, Stoplight Parrotfish, and Spanish Hogfish.

If you choose to go nocturnal, marine critters of the night will give you company during the dive – king crab, tarpon, and lobsters. It’s a totally different experience, with the sea lit up with the glow of the submarine life, and marine creatures which were sleeping during the day, waking up to hunt. The psychedelic bioluminescence is a not-to-be-missed sight as are octopuses that change color.

A general rule of thumb could be, if you scuba or have taken a day dive, go for the night. If you have done neither start with the day dive.

Cayman Islands Submarines Night Dive Cayman Islands Submarines Night Dive

While our submarine will provide you the same level of safety and air conditioned comfort, and the crew will ensure your comfort even as they provide information on what you are seeing, day and night dives offer different experiences. But make no mistake both are equally exciting and beautiful and are one of the major tourist attractions in Grand Cayman area !

Well, we did not say the choice between day and night submarine dives would be easy but it surely is one of the fun things to do in the Cayman Islands.