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When you have Cayman vacation cooking up in your head, well, you have a lot of sinful attractions there that you must have already jotted down in your vacation to-do's. The Kittiwake is just one of those astonishing Cayman attractions that you must never ever forget! Let's take you through a brief account of the Kittiwake shipwreck.
The Kittiwake ship wreck is one of the most famous diving sites that the waters of Cayman has, to present. It is a historic shipwreck. Kittiwake is one of the deliberately sunk submarine rescue ships, sunk down in Jan 2011 in the Cayman waters. It was meant to create an artificial reef with a view to add a new attraction in Cayman Islands. Now, it stands upright on the shallow floor under the Cayman waters.
Off late, the Kittiwake has become an amazing tourist spot. There are numerous halls and crew rooms. Tourists can have a complete view of how Navy divers used the recreation room, mess hall, navigation room, the crew quarters in the 5-decked ship. The bathrooms even have their mirrors intact. So when you start hovering around the ins-and outs of the ship, you will collect vivid memories of the life of rescue workers who inhabited Kittiwake while she sailed proud through the Caribbean waters. 
Apart from just being a remembrance of past glory, the Kittiwake is now home to shoals of marine life. It is a friendly spot for marine species. Tourists can have a close view of a large number of shallow water species calmly swimming around. It is a blissful sight, definitely not to be missed. 
So when you are planning your tours for the Cayman, do not forget to ask your tour planner whether they are including a trip to the Kittiwake. Most submarine dive planners have the Kittiwake on their schedule. Schedule your underwater dive with a submarine service which has a considerable time for the Kittiwake on its charts.  
Atlantis Submarines takes its guests through a complete underwater tour. Kittiwake is an important inclusion in our schedules. We keep every trip long and fulfilling. Guest booked with us are sure to like every moment of the dive they are parts of. Be our guest and and we shall help you discover the Cayman waters like none else.