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All of us have seen videos of underwater life. How many of us have not appreciated fish bending on a side to eat algae from the bottom in style? A grand old turtle swimming in the ocean in style? Very small school of fish moving swiftly to mimic a human dance? Stingrays and colourful fishes in a background of corals and sponges?

If you are planning to visit Cayman Islands and wonder what to do in the the Cayman, this submarine dive will prove out to be the best activity. In fact it is among the most fun things to do in the Cayman Islands.

Well, the Grand Cayman marine life is special! What can be more special than watching it live in its natural habitat in the ocean at varying depths? Your Cayman tour is not complete without watching marine life from the Atlantis submarine. In fact this is one of the best Grand Cayman family activity as young children and older people can take this activity easily. The reward is watching sea life from a large windows in their natural habitat.

Green turtles are a part of the Cayman Islands national flag. Hawksbills are smaller sea turtles which grow up to 3 feet long. They can feed on sponges. As a result half of their stomach may be filled with glass. How they manage the toxins contained in corals is not known. They live up to 50 years and young Hawksbills can be seen in the Cayman waters from the submarine.

Spotted eagle rays are stingrays with spots. They grow up to 10 across and 8 long. Their main defence is venomous stings attached to their tails. They are called eagle rays because of spots on their body and resemblance to wings of an eagle.

Groupers are fishes normally known for their high protein content. There are 150 species worldwide and they live between 10 to 28 years. Most of the species group together to spawn. Some may travel 280 kms. to spawn. You will love watching them swim from the window of the submarine.

Flamingo Tongues are Critters which are small in size. They feed on coral and concentrate toxins contained in the coral around them. They advertise their toxicity by bright coloured patterns formed in their shell. You will be easily able to spot them from submarine’s window.

Tarpon is the ancient fish you will definitely see in the submarine dive. They are hunters and feed on schooling fish. They have adapted to breath in the air and can go to the surface, fill their swimming bladder with air to breathe. When the low tide is there and oxygen gets depleted in shallow waters due to rotting vegetables, they attack the sluggish fish in full force. With their bright scales, you will be easily able to identify them.

Sponges are animals, though primitive. You will be able to see them in the dive with bright colour. They feed on bacteria and can remove 99% bacteria from water that passes through them. In 6 to 20 seconds, water equal to their body volume is passed through them.

Corals are animals which are responsible for reef creation. You will love their sight during the day and they look even better in different coloured lights during the night.

With these many stars performing live during a submarine dive, you will join millions of the fans these marine animals already have. More you will know about them more curious you will be about the things yet not known about them. After all mysteries of oceans are legendary.