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If you are planning to visit the Cayman Islands, then you might wonder if this relatively diminutive trio of islands, which are located in the Caribbean, can pack in so much to do and see. The largest island Grand Cayman is only about 76 square miles in size while the sister islands Cayman Brac and Little Cayman are only 15 square miles and 10 square miles in size respectively. Nevertheless, the islands have a lot to offer to its tourists and visitors who want to come here for an action packed vacation.

Equally, Cayman Islands residents too have much to choose from. Some of the top activities that they can take part are basketball, bowling, boxing and martial arts, cricket, hockey, golf, horse-riding, sailing, shooting, swimming, as well as beach volleyball. Also, if you work in a bustling area such as George Town, you might need to get away from the hustle and bustle to enjoy the calm and tranquil of these naturally gifted Caribbean Islands.


A huge array of terrestrial options!

The options are simply mind boggling. Go for specific Cayman activities like hiking, golfing, snorkeling, diving, sailing, and much more. Compared to the activities in the sister islands, Grand Cayman offers a wider range of activities such as soaking in the sun at the Seven Mile Beach, visiting Sting Ray City to interact with southern stingrays, or even visiting Hell, a little location in West Bay, Grand Cayman.

Things to do in Cayman Islands
Hell, Grand Cayman

There are many other activities in the Cayman Islands which will surely leave you spoilt for choice! Grand Cayman is actually a dream destination for modern divers. The destination boasts of over 200 dive sites that abound in captivating coral reefs and is brimming with rich and vibrant marine life. Also, explore mysterious coves and caves, which were once notorious hideouts for pirates that operated in the Caribbean.

If all the action and adventure does not suit you, simply laze-out and relax on one of the beaches or waterfronts in Cayman and enjoy the day in a laid back style. Alternatively, head out to the sister islands where life is more slow-paced and you can relax on a great day making it a longer and much enjoyable getaway.


Other activities that can easily make it on your Cayman islands things to do list include a visit to the National Trust for the Cayman Islands, which is entrusted with the task of preserving the cultural and traditional sites which are of artistic as well as architectural interest on the Islands. Pedro St. James is the oldest building in the islands and is also amongst the most popular attractions on Grand Cayman. Also, why not visit Cayman Turtle Farm, which is a 23 acre marine park which is aimed at conservation of sea turtles. Here, visitors can learn more about turtles and their varied activities. For those interested in viewing Cayman’s botanical heritage, a visit to the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park is a must. Perhaps one of the best museums in Cayman is the Cayman Motor Museum, which offers visitors a chance to see a remarkable collection of classic and exotic motorcars as well as motorbikes. Visitors can also chance upon a collection of spectacular painting, rare photographs as well as indigenous artefacts.

Exploring the Underwater world around Cayman

If you feel that the terrestrial locations are not your cup of tea, why not take a Cayman underwater tour. An interesting subaquatic activity in the Cayman Islands is to go exploring shipwrecks! Besides exploring other shipwrecks that conjure up the visions of seafaring disasters of the past, you can also explore the sunken Kittiwake, which was a submarine rescue ship of the Chanticleer Class. This ship took part in the recovery of the Challenger Space Shuttle Disaster. In service from 1945 to 1994, Kittiwake was donated to the Cayman Islands where it was triumphantly sunk in the Cayman Marine Park.

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A Cayman Islands Submarine Tour

Perhaps the best underwater experience in the Cayman Islands is taking a Cayman Islands Submarine Excursion Tour. You will be able to explore the underwater attractions such as lively reefs, attractive coral canyons, and gorgeous marine life. A submarine take visitors up to depths of 100 feet in the Cayman Marine Park. Those who’d like to pack more adventure into their ride can opt for the submarine night dive option as well.



Frankly, there are a plenty of things to do in Cayman whether you are a visitor or a resident. The Cayman Islands offers many unique as well as magnificent experiences for you to either indulge in the activities completely or simple escape to a fantasy world of your own making. The islands are a simple place that will leave you enchanted and mesmerised for a long time to come!