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While you are going for Cayman Tours, not to forget the tour to Cayman Brac. With a total mainland of 14 square miles, Cayman Brac is small enough to maintain a peaceful, and tranquil atmosphere but large enough to hide a plenty of hidden caves, winding trails and a distinct cultural history in its arms.

Once you have settled in your resort in Cayman Brac, you would also want to indulge yourself in the range of exciting activities to do in Cayman Islands. Here are some of the fun things to do in Cayman Brac that you can have a never before experience here in Cayman Brac. So enjoy some of the memorable moments with your family with the activities noted below:

Experience the breathtaking sceneries by hiking, bird watching or rock climbing

For an close and personal experience, hiking is the perfect way to enjoy the wonderland of Cayman Brac. Birds, reptiles, flora and fauna, scenic and geological sites are abundant on this little paradise.

Cayman Brac is the nature lover’s paradise and a birdwatcher’s haven too. With over 200 part-time and full-time species, the Cayman Brac attracts over 300,000 visitors yearly. Some of the most notable species that are available here are Cayman Brac Parrot, Brown Booby, and Vitelline warbler amongst others.

The spiky, rough and snaggy cliffs at the eastern end of the cliff offer some of the world’s most exciting rock climbing with incredible views out to sea. With over 75 routes to choose from, you could spend all the day just going for your Brac climbing adventure!

A snap of bird watching A snap of bird watching

Trying yourself for deep-sea fishing

Fishing in Cayman Brac shores is a great option to a full day of diving or pure relaxation. The call of the ocean and abundant marine life beckon fishermen, locals and visitors alike. In the beautiful waters surrounding the Cayman Brac, you’ll find a legion of tropical fish species and the occasional migrating travelers.

Explore the sky blue and clear waters for diving, kayaking or snorkelling

Stunning powdery white beaches, coconut palms and the sound of the sea lapping the land are sure signs you have reached the little Cayman Brac. Cayman Brac has a few sandy beaches where you can chill and the tranquility of this island would surely steal your attention away.

Relax with a day of beachcombing

If you feel that you are too tired to visit anywhere, then beachcombing is the best alternative for you. You can collect some of the conch shells and many other sea beans and sea glass too. So Cayman Brac will be the most apt option for you.

A close shot of kayaking A close shot of kayaking

Visit the Cayman Brac Museum

Also locally called as Heritage House, this museum showcases events depicting Caymanian heritage and culture as well as works of talented Caymanians. The architecture is a replica of an old Caymanian house with its traditional wrap-around verandah. Also found in the museum are the original tanning vats, 'old-time well' and a cave. The House has become a prime location for different local events including weddings.

Christopher Columbus Gardens

This memorial is located right near The Bluff, so you might stop by to take a look. It features gorgeous landscaping and has a gazebo too.

Summing up

Summing up my thoughts, if you are visiting Cayman Brac, the sister island of Cayman Islands including Little Cayman, then surely you must not miss all these places and activities in the Cayman Islands. Good luck and enjoy your vacation to Cayman Brac!