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We all have seen fishes in the aquarium. But have you considered watching them while being in the biggest aquarium on this planet? And that aquarium occupies two third of our planet - the sea. And these fishes are accompanied by marine life that you cannot see in an aquarium. All this in their natural habitat.


The idea to see sea life in a SeaWorld Observatory Tour Grand Cayman is simply irresistible. You will sit five feet below the water level and there will be a large window in front of you. From this window you will be able to observe marine animals and plants in their natural habitat.


What is so exciting about a glass bottom boat observatory? Well while the captain maneuvers the boat, you can watch several types of fishes in the sea. The windows are large enough see the marine life in their eternal beauty and grace. To that add the corals and sponges at the bottom. For shallow reefs of the Cayman Islands, there can be no better way to explore than the Seaworld Observatory.


With an informative commentary all along, your knowledge about sea and sea life is bound to improve. Keep your camera ready to photograph some great coloured tropical fishes when the divers feed them right in front of your window in the Cheeseburger reef. This is a moment you will like to photograph/videograph at any cost.


There is more than just sea life in this Exciting SeaWorld Observatory Tour at Cayman. There are shipwrecks which are unique and huge. There is dramatic wreck of ship Cali, a steel schooner built in 1900. This ship ran aground 100 yards off the coast of Grand Cayman in 1944.


There is also the wreck of the Balboa, a 375-foot freighter that sunk in a hurricane in 1932. Much of her cargo of wood was used to reconstruct the buildings in George Town that were damaged by the same hurricane.


These wrecks tell the high sea tales which are full of adventure. You also get an opportunity to see how the ships were made more than 100 years back, not by reading books but by actually seeing them. You will be able to visualise a great ship sailing in the high seas by seeing these wrecks. We have come a long way in developing technology for modern ships but that does not take away a piece of glory from our ancient ships. These wreck are the witness.


Whether you have come for pure fun on the Cayman Islands tour or are a serious marine life photographer, this tour will be most satisfying one for you. You will enjoy every moment of it and its memories will remain with you forever.. You will see the visit in your dreams repeatedly.


That is the reason why this novel tour tops the Cayman Islands Things to do list. It is fun, it is learning, it is entertainment and it is adventure. An all in one tour, you cannot afford to miss in the Cayman Island.