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For those who are interested in adventure combined with pleasure, The Cayman Islands is one heck of a place. For those who are roaring to come here, Cayman is just a short nonstop flight away from 14 cities in the USA and a brief haul from the UK. Located in the western Caribbean Sea, this British overseas territory is just a tiny speck on the global map, but packs a lot of power and punch when it comes to activities and adventure.

Surprisingly, there is a lot to do in Cayman. From land based activities, you can easily choose family outings, cultural activities, watersports, indoor and outdoor facilities, sports activities for kids, and even kids’ summer camps.

Moreover, you can make your choice from water based activities too. These include tours on amphibious buses, a trip to the Cayman turtle park, dolphin encounters, glass bottom boat tours, scuba diving off Grand Cayman, helmet dives on the ocean floor, and even a ride aboard a real submarine in Cayman’s Marine National Park.

So, if you are wondering about what to do in Cayman, here is the end of your quandary. In this article, let me present some of the best activities besides Grand Cayman Diving and other stupendous locations in Cayman that deserve your attention:


1. Visit the Cayman Turtle Farm

Located in the West Bay area of Cayman Islands, the Cayman Turtle Farm offers its guests a unique experience. You can learn more about sea turtles and also observe them in the turtle touch tanks. Besides, you can enjoy swimming or snorkelling along with the yearling green sea turtles and other colourful marine life. The Cayman Turtle Farm also gives you an opportunity to come close to sharks as well as other sea predators.

2. Encounter the Dolphins

Cayman is also home to dolphin attractions. You can interact with the dolphins and even swim with them or encounter them in waist deep water at Dolphin Cove. Alternatively, Dolphin Discovery offers several types of swims with dolphins and even a free educational show.

The Cayman Islands pack a great deal of excitement and fun The Cayman Islands pack a great deal of excitement and fun

3. Tour the Sea in a Glass Bottom Boat

If you wish to explore the sea underwater around Grand Cayman without getting wet, the glass bottom tours offer you a perfect option. You can explore the wrecks of Cali, the Balbloa, and even the Cheeseburger Reef. Since the glass bottom boat crew also feed the fish, you get an opportunity to see the fish up close. The glass bottom boat is just perfect for a family outing.

4. Go Aboard an Underwater Observatory

Those who are interested in underwater exploration but either do not know how to swim or prefer not to get wet; you can climb into an underwater observatory, which is actually a semi-submersible craft which combines an observatory that drops five feet below the surface.

5. Get inside a real submarine

If you are of a more adventurous type then you can get aboard a real submarine to explore the depths of the sea. View the amazing corals and the magnificent marine life that exists in the depths of the crystal clear waters that surround the Cayman Islands. You get to view an amazing diversity of marine life such as turtles, snapper, parrotfish, moray eels, yellow stingrays and many more. The trip is full of fun and excitement. However, children should be 4 years or above. You can also go and enjoy a submarine night dive in Cayman which is extremely enthralling as well.

Nevertheless, the Cayman Island provides several other options including scuba diving along the various reefs and the Cayman Wall as well. Check out which options suit you the best. Enjoy!